First-Class Plumbers

Don't settle. Get the service you deserve, with Independence Emergency Plumber! We offer a variety of services, including a residential plumbing service, emergency plumbing service, and a plumbing contractor.

All of our professionals are the best, and bring nothing but quality work to the table. Your satisfaction is important to us. So give us a call today, and we'll get started.

Our Services

For those in the market for maintenance, our residential plumber can help. It's the perfect solution for your boiler service, heating service, HVAC service, and even sewer services.

If you need more immediate help, or are experiencing an emergency, then you need our emergency plumber! Available around the clock, they can help you with your leak repair, water heater repair, or clogged sink.

Work Hours

We’re open every single day (and every night, too) for standard jobs and emergency services as well. We don’t close.

Service Area

Do you live in Evanston, or anywhere else throughout the Cook County area? If so, we’re happy to travel to you.

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